notliketherest1 (notliketherest1) wrote in cwu,

Out of Stater Looking for Some Cool Peeps

Hi my name is Chris and I'm gonna be a freshman over at Beck for the fall. I'm from Arizona and from what I hear, there aren't a lot of out of staters, but I thought that this school fit me perfectly for what I wanted and so that's why I'm coming. I'm going to be enrolled in some flight tech courses and am also interested in psych and will be taking psych 101 in the fall. Sports, writing, music, and flying are my passions and I enjoy LJ because I feel it's real and you can speak your mind, not a big myspace guy. I just wanted to meet some cool down to earth peeps and I thought this LJ group would be a cool place to do it, look forward to meeting all you guys on LJ peace, Chris
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