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Internet Options + Mandatory Fees

Hello, CWU-goers..!

I'm moving to Ellensburg tomorrow or so I can attend Fall quarter, and have found Google to be fairly useless in researching the available high-speed internet options. :(

I've heard that Charter charges like $50 a month for high-speed. Are there any good alternatives?

Also! It says on the 'mandatory fees' page that we have to pay $95 per quarter as our recreation center fee. Is this completely mandatory regardless of whether or not we use it? Do we have to pay another $95 if we want to use it, and the first $95 was just some random fee to help pay for it? The website was slightly vague. . . I guess I could always email CWU, but I've asked them so many questions already I feel like a total jerk. xD

Thanks for any help.
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